How much to buy and order, and most importantly – do not lose sight of anything!!!

Professional wedding videographers from say, that the first thing to determine is the scale of the wedding: modest – just for the loved ones, or luxurious – a feast for the whole world! From this will depend on the wedding budget.

In any case, you need to plan the costs for the banquet hall first. Will it be a luxurious restaurant in a historic location or a cozy cafe in the center of the park? The number of snacks and drinks depends on the number of guests invited. The cost of dishes depends on the menu itself. Maybe it will be gourmet delicacies, or maybe classic snacks…

Secondly, transportation, of course! Guests need a bus, and the newlyweds need a wedding limo. How about ordering a 30’s style car? Or maybe a classic Lincoln or a little bit aggressive, but so luxurious Hummer?

Also one of the main expense items are the services of Tara Weddings who will make your wedding unique, the bride – irresistible, and the experience unforgettable: photographer, videographer, hairdresser, makeup artist, toastmasters … These people will be your assistants and will give a perfect celebration.

After these necessary initial worries, you can get down to the most enjoyable things. It’s time to choose the bride’s dress and jewelry, the groom’s suit, the bouquet and the rings. The cost of the above depends on the material, design and uniqueness of the items. Let’s not forget about the invitations: will it be standard cards or custom-made cards? And the main decoration of the wedding table – the cake? It can be ordered in professional pastry shops. Shape, composition, size – to any taste. The weight of the cake depends on the number of invitees. Usually count on 200 grams per guest.

It is worth thinking in advance about such seemingly minor things as musical accompaniment at the wedding ceremony, release of doves or filming with swans, photographs with the Emperor and Empress, permits for video filming in a greenhouse or botanical garden. All of these services are chargeable and it’s best to include them in your cost plan in advance. The bride and groom need to think about the wedding night beforehand. Where do you want to go after the celebration – to an old country house or a modern hotel room for the newlyweds?

Well, to have a beautiful wedding, you need to remember about the decorations! The specialists will decorate the banquet hall, the limousines, and the hotel room. Whether it will be flowers, balloons or ribbons – it’s up to you to decide.

If you think out all the details, make a plan of expenses and don’t lose sight of anything, your wedding will be just as you dreamed: joyful, memorable and gorgeous.