How to keep your wedding bouquet

For many brides, the bridal bouquet is as important an element of the celebration as the dress, hair and makeup.

So what to do with the bouquet after the wedding? Watching it wilt is quite a depressing sight, so you can keep it almost pristine as a keepsake.

Fortunately, there are tried and true ways to preserve your gorgeous flowers.

Keep them fresh.

Many flowers can wilt quickly, within days (or even hours!). It’s important to remember that bouquets are usually made with fresh flowers, which reduces their life expectancy at the wedding because they were cut at least a couple of days ago.

To extend the life of a wedding bouquet, it is advisable to remove the tape or other film that binds the stems together and then redress the stems to help them unfurl in water. Keep the flowers in fresh water and change it daily.

Some brides keep their main bouquet in fresh water after the ceremony and use another bouquet during the reception.


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Hang it to dry, in a safe place with the buds down, and be patient – it may take a few weeks or even a few months for the bouquet to dry completely. Once dried, you can store it in a preservation box. Note that once air-dried, the bouquet will lose its color.


Preserving the entire bouquet this way will not work, except for a couple of beautiful flowers from it. To do this, choose a thick, heavy book and put the flower in the center of the page.

Silica gel

This sandy material is available in most stores. And is a crushed fine powder. Silica gel works best for flowers that can hold a lot of pressure, such as roses, orchids or peonies.


While freeze drying is the most expensive option on the list, the bouquet will look just like it did on the wedding day. This process will need to be entrusted to professionals. Approximate “freeze-drying” time is about two to three months.

Alternative bouquets

If the bride is allergic to flowers, you can pick up an alternative wedding bouquet that will look great on the wedding day while requiring zero preservation. For example, you can create a bouquet from paper, beads, beads, fabric or cork wood. There are many different alternatives to the traditional bouquet.

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