How to make your own bridal handbag? It’s very simple!

When everything is ready and your wedding day organization has yielded results, you can relax and think about the purse you will carry with you. No, no, it won’t be a heavy reticule bag, it will be a weightless, small bridal purse that you can carry your lipstick, mirror, handkerchief in so that you have them handy all day long.

Every bride from time to time wants to fix her hair, look at herself in the mirror or just use some essential things, that is why there are handbags for brides. Just do not put there everything that falls under the hand – your purse should be graceful and light, not a household item. Things that you can do without on your wedding day should not be taken with you.

You can buy a bridal handbag in any bridal salon, or you can make one yourself. To make a bridal handbag yourself, take a beautiful, white, satin handkerchief, turn it to you on the wrong side. Fold inward the edges of the handkerchief, lifting them up. Sew the edges by hand or with a sewing machine. Sew on a satin ribbon to make a handle for the bag. You can insert an elastic band and decorate the purse with bows and beads.

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